Genetics Core


The Genetics Core will oversee the large genetic data obtained from the CADASIL Consortium. Genome-wide association, whole exome sequencing, and next generation sequencing will be conducted by our partner at REGENERON, and data will be analyzed by our Core leader at the University of Texas, Houston. The Genetics Core is composed of a number of experts in the genetics of stroke, small vessel diseases, CADASIL and related diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.


There is a Clinical Genetics team operating as part of the Genetics Core to assure that all participants are provided assistance with genetic counseling and safe practices for the detection of the CADASIL gene tests. The Clinical Genetics team consists of highly experienced genetic counselors and geneticists from every state in the US as well as corporate volunteers who provide us with ongoing adjudication throughout the CADASIL study to help us determine which CADASIL variants are benign and which variants may be associated with a specific course or outcomes.  InformedDNA and a genetic testing company are working closely with our institutional scientists to determine the best decision-making for the CADASIL Consortium.