Data Analysis and Informatics Core

Data and Imaging Core


The Collaborative Informatics and Neuroimaging Suite (COINS) data core provides a set of tools and services to help CADASIL researchers collect, extract, and analyze biological, genetic, clinical and imaging data for research at every stage of the study. The COINS platform is used for comprehensive data management, and BrainForge is used for MRI scan processing. All data obtained by the CADASIL Consortium are reviewed by the COINS Core to determine that data are of the best quality and are controlled and managed in a safe manner. All data obtained are protected by encryptions and member-only restrictions so that data will remain confidential and utilized for the purposes of the CADASIL Consortium. COINS is supported by the Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS) center In Atlanta and by a trio of institutions including Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Emory Universities.


The CADASIL Imaging team has various expertise to guide the consortium in the acquisition and analyses of brain imaging. The Imaging team has one physicist to direct the sites with a GE MRI scanner and another physicist to guide sites with a Siemens MRI scanner. The Imaging team is working with experts in the broader field to best classify and measure brain imaging outcomes known to occur in CADASIL to better help characterize the imaging-evident progression of disease.  The Imaging team includes specialists in stroke, small vessel diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, radiology, and neuropsychology.   


COINS is supported by the TReNDS center at GSU and is lead by Jeremy Bockholt.


Other team members include:

Roland Zschiegner – Data Manager

Jason Hernandez – Neuroimaging Analysis

Nick Pasley – Clinical Trials Data Coordinator

Ivan Griego – Clinical Trials Research Project Coordinator